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Turkish "Vampire" Addicted to Drinking Blood

Doctors say traumatic events caused a man to develop "vampiric alternate personality."


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By Bryan Le


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A man in Turkey is "hooked" on drinking human blood, according to claims by local doctors. The 23-year-old first got started by drinking his own blood, but later experienced compulsions “as urgent as breathing” that led him to seek alternate human sources, states a report published in the Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. The anonymous "human vampire" was reportedly arrested after stabbing and biting several people; he also got his father to steal from the local blood bank to help him get his fix. Doctors have traced his thirst for blood to traumatic events in his childhood, including a history of abuse; they diagnosed him with dissociative identity disorder, PTSD, chronic depression and alcohol abuse. "Possibly due to 'switching' to another personality state, he was losing track during the 'bloody' events, did not care who the victim was anymore, and remained amnesic to this part of his act," says the report. The man has also been diagnosed with "vampiric alternate personality." He is the first known sufferer of this condition and is currently in treatment; his blood drinking has reportedly gone into remission.

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