Treatment Center in India Exposed As Drug Den

Treatment Center in India Exposed As Drug Den

By John Lavitt 04/16/14

A group of local activists organized a raid on the government-run agency after hearing multiple reports that officials were dealing drugs to patients.


In India, a drug de-addiction center in the city of Imphal has been busted for operating as a drug den for the financial gain of the officials and employees entrusted to help their clients find the path of recovery. Run under the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, the government agency is responsible for welfare, social justice, and empowerment of the marginalized sections of Indian society, including drug abusers and addicts.

This shocking revelation was revealed in a press release issued by the All Manipur Anti Drug Association (AMADA). The press release was in response to multiple reports of officials at the New Life De-Addiction Centre dealing various drugs to their patients. According to Meghachandra Konjengbam, secretary of the AMADA, local activists from his organization raided the rehab in Imphal. Although the information had been handed over to officials at the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, no action had been taken since.

The treatment centers are seen as a last attempt by desperate parents to access recovery for their children. Many of these families reportedly pawned gold ornaments and other valuables to help pay the costs. But rather than “Offering Hope and Recovery to Those Struggling with Addiction,” the New Life De-Addiction Centre did the exact opposite. During the raid, the AMADA activists discovered that most of the clients were under the influence of drugs or in the process of taking drugs.

Even worse, counselors and staff members were also found to be abusing illegal drugs on the premises. The type of drugs being used were not specified in the reports, and it remains uncertain whether or not the doctors and staff will be prosecuted by authorities.