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Toxic Booze Kills 24 in India

Bootlegged alcohol made from cough syrup and methanol proves fatal—again.


Toxic bootleg alcohol is popular among
India's poor. Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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Dozens of people in India’s eastern state of Orissa became ill after consuming toxic liquor that was made from cough syrup. At least 24 people died after consuming the liquor and two dozen more are said to be in critical condition. The victims had fallen ill after buying the brew in Tukuliapada village. Authorities say that  the man who sold the liquor, Baidhar Bhoi, was the first to die on Tuesday morning. Three of Bhoi's relatives have been arrested by investigators. Back in December, more than 170 people died after consuming toxic liquor in the eastern state of West Bengal. The poor in India are often sold bootlegged liquor that is often made from cold and cough medicines, or even insecticide. A government spokesman says the two pharmaceutical companies that produced the cough syrup in this case have been sealed.

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