Video: The Artist's Intervention

Video: The Artist's Intervention By Hunter R. Slaton 02/28/12

After The Artist's big Oscar wins, could a flood of tap-dancing silent-film addicts be imminent?

The black-and-white face of "addiction"
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It didn't take long for someone to produce an addiction-related parody of The Artist, the throwback silent film that took Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director honors at the Oscars. And the clip is just the latest in a growing number of Intervention spoofs to hit the web, including the Funny or Die “Intervention Intervention” sketch that we enjoyed a few weeks ago. “The Artist’s Intervention” [below] charts the harrowing journey of “Jeff” (Paulo Costanzo, of Road Trip fame) who, since seeing the film two weeks prior, has lapsed into a silent, tap-dancing, black-and-white existence, ruining his friendships and his relationship. “I left him last week,” laments his fiancee. “But he didn’t even really seem that upset. He just blew his nose really hard into this cartoonishly large handkerchief, and then he did the Charleston for, like, five minutes straight.” Be forewarned: This subject matter may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.