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"Teboozing" Takes Off Among Football Fans

A new viral photo meme blends drinking with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's very Christian touchdown celebrations.


A young woman teboozes. Photo via

By Will Herbst


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Is Teeboozing the new Planking? Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is a controversial figure—either he's an in-your-face evangelical Christian or an inspirational role-model, depending mostly on whether you're a Christian, a Broncos fan, or both. But the signature touchdown celebration of this self-professed teetotaler and virgin, which consists of taking a knee and joining his hands in prayer and is called Tebowing, has inspired a none-too-saintly trend among young drinkers nationwide. It's called Teboozing, and it essentially involves Tewbowing with a drink in your hand—preferably one connected to your mouth. Brooklyn, NY, resident Peter Mishu is credited with performing the first Tebooze while watching a game last week. Someone exclaimed, “Let’s take a funny drinking pic,” and Mishu, in a singualrly inspired moment, took a knee with a bottle of Jack. A photo was snapped, posted on Twitter, et voila: the birth of an internet drinking meme. Tim Tebow has yet to comment.

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