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"Tanning Mom" Sent to Detox

The NJ woman known for abusing UV-rays is in treatment after alleged public intoxication.


Krentcil is in treatment. Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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Patricia Krentcil, the New Jersey woman also known as "tanning mom," has been ordered to a temporary detox facility after a reported incident of public intoxication. According to Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Patrick Hogan, police received a call informing them of a drunk passenger at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Krentcill, 45, had reportedly become incensed when she was banned from re-entering the airport after a smoke break during a layover. After police determined that Krentcil was not able to take care of herself, she was taken to a detox facility in Minnesota. Last April, Krentcil, who reportedly used a tanning bed 20 times a month at maximum intensity, was scorched by the media after she was accused of taking her then-5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, in violation of state law. Several months later, she was thrown out of a comedy roast held in her honor after showing up too drunk to stand.

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