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No More Mr. Nice Guy in New York

The state bans the distribution and sale of synthetic marijuana products like "Mr. Nice Guy" and "K2."


Banned from smoke shops in NY Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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Selling synthetic marijuana has been banned in the state of New York. The ban, which came into force yesterday, calls for the distribution and sales of "Spice", "K2", and "Mr. Nice Guy" to stop immediately. Tobacco stores, smoke shops and convenience stores, will be issued details of the order by local officials, and will be checked routinely for compliance. According to New York Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, calls to local poison control centers related to synthetic marijuana have climbed from zero incidents in 2009 to 112 in just the first few months of 2012. Over half of these calls involve people under the age of 19. Synthetic pot products are mixtures of chemicals that mimic THC; they've been linked to severe adverse reactions including kidney failure and even death. “New York did the right thing enacting a state ban on this noxious product," says US Senator Charles Schumer. "We are working very hard to establish a federal ban so that kids seeking out these dangerous drugs can't simply hop in a car and cross state borders to get a deadly high." Those who violate the ban will be referred to the state's attorney general for prosecution.

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