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Meth Ring Busted at San Diego Summer Camp

A sports center that hosts kids' summer activities doubled as a major drug distribution center.


The summer camp will go on as scheduled
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By McCarton Ackerman


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The Mission Bay Sports Center, just north of San Diego, offers kids' summer camps, boat rentals, lessons ranging from standup paddleboarding to surfing or sailing, and—up until last week—large quantities of methamphetamine. After a year-long investigation by authorities, Mission Bay Sports Center's owner, Jason Boone, was arrested with seven others last Friday for using the business as a meth distribution center and drop location for drug buyers and sellers. Officials say they removed five pounds of meth from the building, along with heroin, marijuana and prescription pills. They also found $48,000 in cash, a bullet proof vest and a loaded .22 handgun. "It was a sophisticated use of the lockers at the Mission Bay SportCenter, where the drug couriers were able to access those lockers and use them as a dead drop," says prosecutor Jorge del Portillo, "Meaning they would drop in money or pick up methamphetamine from those lockers." Boone has pleaded not guilty to all 15 counts including transportation, sale, and possession for sale of methamphetamine. Nine people in total have been charged in the case, with the seven individuals already arrested arraigned last Friday. If convicted of the charges, their prison sentences range from 16 months to 10 years. Employees told NBC 7 San Diego that the summer camp will go on as scheduled today, with one staff member declaring: “Decisions people make do not affect us here. We were not involved."

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