Steven Tyler's American Idol High

Steven Tyler's American Idol High By Valerie Tejeda 07/30/12

Steven Tyler says that being on American Idol replaces the high of drugs. But he's still planning to go back to Aerosmith.

The Aerosmith frontman still knows how to rock.
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As switching addictions goes, it's an unusual one: Steven Tyler compares judging American Idol to being on drugs. In an interview for the August issue of Time magazine, the now-sober Aerosmith frontman, 64, admits to getting a high from being a judge on the hit show: “I’m one of those people that—obviously, since I’ve wound up in rehab eight times—take dangerous things and jump in with both feet,” he says. Asked if American Idol takes the place of heroin for him, he replies, “I think so. I think I’m addicted to adrenaline. It was a risky thing.” Tyler—who has struggled to stay sober—also said he gets a “high” on stage in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show back in January. Talking about his goal of staying clean, he said: “I got all my friends that are sober now...I can't get back into that world. I can stay high onstage and stay high...I mean out here with you right now my heart's pounding...But you never know if it's going to stick. I just keep with my program, wish and hope." He continued, “I don't want to go back to that place...That place lost me my kids, a marriage, a band...A lot of things and it's for real. That's how dangerous that is. So I take it serious." The rocker announced this year that he will be leaving his new drug of choice—Idol—to get back with his "first love, Aerosmith.” He admits to Time, “It’s television, it's not my forte.”