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Steroids Found at Oscar Pistorius' Home

Cops investigate whether the track star was in a "roid rage" the night of his girlfriend's murder.


Pistorius appeared distraught in court.
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By McCarton Ackerman


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Police are now investigating whether double amputee track star Oscar Pistorius was under the influence of "roid rage" when he allegedly murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14. Investigators found banned steroids while searching his home and are currently testing his blood for the drugs. A source close to the investigation also said there was "evidence of heavy drinking" the night of the murder. Steenkamp was allegedly killed by 9mm pistols shot through a locked bathroom door on Valentine's Day, but police now believe the first shot was fired at her in the master bedroom. A blood-stained cricket bat was also found at the home and Steenkamp and appeared to have "skull crush" injuries. Pistorius has denied the charges of premeditated murder, saying he did not know she was on the other side of the bathroom door and thought he was shooting at an intruder. “I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated,” he said in an affidavit read to the packed courtroom by his defense lawyer, Barry Roux, “I had no intention to kill my girlfriend.”

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