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The Sovereign Way

Paid Sponsored Post: Sovereign follows its own path, combining the latest cutting edge treatment options and a drive to make sure patients receive the best possible treatment by following these 10 principles.



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It takes a few seconds on Google to realize that there are a lot of different rehabilitation and recovery centers in the U.S. alone. Many of them deal with drug and alcohol abuse, others deal with mental health issues, and some deal with both. Finding an optimal recovery center that combats your specific needs and conditions can be overwhelming. 

Sovereign Health Group realized there was a dire need for a treatment organization offering clinically-driven and evidence-based treatment programs for adults and adolescents for addiction, dual-diagnosis, and mental health conditions. Sovereign Health has shown their commitment and dedication to keeping current with the latest cutting edge treatment options in the medical and addiction industries to make sure the patients receive the best possible treatment. 

1. Serves adults, adolescents, and families

While most treatment centers offer help to one age group, Sovereign offers treatment centers for both adolescents aged 12 to 17 and adults aged 18 and older with a large range of treatment options for both groups. This includes treatments for detox, addiction, mental health disorders, and dual-diagnosis.

Sovereign also provides a family program that focuses on intensive family therapy. The family program helps to work on the healing of the family unit along with the individual in rehabilitation. This helps the family members understand their loved one’s conditions and offers the appropriate boundaries and support to help with recovery. 

2. Offers evidence-based treatment programs for addiction, dual-diagnosis, and mental health

Sovereign Health lets their clients and their families know that recovery isn’t a guessing game. They offer treatment that is evidence-based on the latest medical research and approaches. The treatments that are offered to patients are geared to helping those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, mental health disorders, and coexisting conditions. These treatments are up-to-date and accompanied by top-of-the-line methods and equipment. 

3. Cutting edge clinical services: cognitive and genetic testing, brain mapping, and biofeedback

What many people may not realize is that mental health is not the only thing that is based in the brain, addiction is too. Sovereign makes sure to do a thorough analysis of what is going on with their patients. They utilize cognitive and genetic testing along with brain mapping and biofeedback.

Sovereign monitors the signals that a patient’s body and mind send, and a physician and analyst confirm the messages with the initial assessment. The modern technology meters can determine if the patient’s brain is heavily disrupted by alcohol or if the patient’s symptoms correctly match schizophrenia. 

Brain mapping, biofeedback, and cognitive testing allows Sovereign the beneficial advantage to fully treat the needs of each individual patient. A thorough understanding allows for a successful recovery. 

4. Specialize in treating the underlying psychiatric or psychological conditions

Sovereign can find and treat any coexisting condition that may be acting as a trigger for the primary condition. Sovereign’s dual-diagnosis therapy option is offered at each of their treatment facilities. The multi-treatment approach to dual-diagnoses increases the recovery process by treating all existing conditions with the patient for a decreased chance of relapse.

5. Multiple treatment locations in serene settings

Sovereign offers multiple treatment locations, with new locations also lined up to open in the near future.  

Currently, Sovereign Health Group offers programs in San Clemente in Orange County, CA, Culver City in Los Angeles, CA, Palm Springs in the Coachella Valley, CA, and San Diego, CA.  Sovereign will be opening additional treatment facilities in Chandler, AZ and Fort Myers, FL. The organization plans to continue growing and opening up facilities nationally to be able to provide their exceptional services to more people across the U.S. 

6. Licensed and accredited facilities 

Sovereign Health has multiple locations, each specifically licensed and/or accredited according to the level of care that is offered. The highest standards and regulations are of the utmost importance to Sovereign Health Group to provide the patients and families with the best care possible.

7. Detox options: detox and natural-assisted detox (NAD)

Although the beginning of rehabilitation therapy can be scary and uncomfortable, we offer a helping hand through the detoxification stage offered at Sovereign Health Group.

Sovereign offers the standard detox option as well as a unique detox program called Nutrition Assisted Detox (NAD) or Brain Restoration Therapy (NTR). NTR/NAD Rapid Detox uses intravenous therapy to provide the body with a mixture of vitamins and minerals without the use of any addictive medications. Intravenous therapy helps to diminish and eliminate withdrawal symptoms while shifting the brain into repair mode, speeding up the process.

8. Medical and clinical treatment staff

Sovereign’s team is experienced and multi-disciplined. Most of the staff can offer help in multiple areas of treatment where patients need it. They make sure staff members are always available at each location and are led by licensed clinical and medical professionals. Sovereign’s staff is ready and willing to help patients during their recovery with compassion and understanding. 

9. Includes brain wellness and a cognitive lab (

When treating addiction and mental health disorders, Sovereign goes to the source - the brain. They focus on the health and wellness of the brain, and research how the brain is functioning through the use of cognitive labs. Physicians are able to identify any cognitive disabilities that are a result of drug or alcohol abuse which may hinder the recovery process. Neurobic is a part of our brain restoration program that helps to restore cognitive abilities to a recovering brain and enhance the process. 

10. Innovative aftercare program, T.E.A.M. (Technological Enhanced Aftercare Monitoring)

Sovereign helps to diminish the odds of relapse with their aftercare program called T.E.A.M. This aftercare program is online and accessible remotely at any time. Case managers are always available to help our patients through the program and provide support. 

Sovereign’s mission as one of the most credited rehabilitation centers in the U.S. is to provide quality, focused, and individualized treatment to those seeking help with mental health disorders and addictions. From their peaceful residential locations to the multiple therapy programs offered to patients of all ages, Sovereign Health Group seeks to restore their patients to a healthy lifestyle and maintain their recovery in the future.

Visit Sovereign Health Today to learn more or receive patients reviews at or call their 24/7 Admissions line at (866) 805-8780

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