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Teen Forced to Wear "Smoked Pot, Got Caught" Sign

A South Carolina mom inflicts public humiliation on her pot-smoking son.


Totally normal mom behavior. Not!

By May Wilkerson


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Some kids get grounded for using drugs; others get turned into walking billboards of shame. When April Methison caught her 13-year-old son Brandon smoking pot, she decided to teach him—and the rest of the teen population of Beaufort, South Carolina—a lesson. She did this by forcing him to walk the town's main intersection wearing a sign that reads, "Smoked pot, got caught! Don't I look cool? Not!" on one side, and "Learn from me, don't do drugs" on the other. "Time outs and taking things away just doesn't work any more. Sometimes a little public humility is what they need nowadays to get a point across," says the tough mother. "If this works for him and maybe saves one or two other students from thinking about picking this stuff up, then I feel like I've done my job as a parent." Asked what he's learned from the ordeal, Brandon—who has walked the intersection two nights this week while getting "all kinds of looks" from passersby—dutifully says: "I got to change my life and stop." 

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