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"Sober Shot" Promises to Kill Your Buzz, Instantly

A new all-natural product claims to sober you up in 10 minutes for just 10 bucks.


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By Bryan Le


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Ever wished you could press "rewind" on your recent decision to down those last few drinks? For those who find themselves regretfully tipsy, a new product promises to sober you up, with just one shot. The aptly-named "Sober Shot" is billed as "an alcohol metabolizer that works the minute you need it." And not only does it promise to make you un-drunk, it also claims to prevents hangovers, as well as other side effects of drinking: dehydration, nausea, and "feeling funky." All this for $9.95, and delivered by a mere half-ounce of three natural ingredients: honey, ginseng and seaweed extract. “Sober Shot delivers immediate mental clarity and focus," says the product's website, "Take one and give one to your friends. You will see the difference in less than 10 minutes.” Allegedly, the product works by helping "control your equilibrium," thus "empowering you to make better decisions and to celebrate smarter!” But does this miracle of all miracles actually work? According to the site's own testimonials, it really does. “I use Sobershot every time I party!” says Mark Hansen. And customer Jason Lavigne calls it "hands down a miracle elixir," adding: "I wouldn't even consider any alternative.” But before you stock up on a lifetime supply, doctors dispute the validity of "miracle" hangover cures. While good hydration and greasy food may help keep nausea and hangovers at bay, experts say the only surefire cure for drunkenness is time, or abstaining in the first place.

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