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Sober Jay Strikes Back

Jason Hewes of "Jay and Silent Bob" triumphs over his addiction with honesty and laughter in a new comedy tour.


Sober Jay shows his softer side. Photo via

By May Wilkerson


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Actor Jason Mewes is most well-known for playing "Jay" alongside Kevin Smith's "Silent Bob;" the ornery, drug-using fictional duo developed a cult following as the stars in most of Smith's popular films, such as Mallrats, Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. His on-screen character may have been aggressive and foul-mouthed, but Hewes has been revealing a more introspective side during a recent international comedy tour with Smith—Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under. The actor, now 890 days clean, has opened up to audiences in cities across the globe about his struggles with addiction—often sourcing his experiences for laughs. "I talk about stuff like my couch being set on fire during Christmas because we had no heat or electric and we needed candles to see in the dark," he says. "I can laugh about it now but I was definitely at a point where I was technically weeks away from being homeless." Getting honest on stage has helped him maintain his sobriety, he says: "It reminds me of where I do not want to be again." And as an unexpected benefit of breaking the silence, the actor has been able to reach out to others who are struggling with addiction. Many fans have contacted him on Twitter or Facebook to share how his honesty has helped them get clean. "That has been sort of the best part of this whole thing," he says, "Knowing that even one or two people stay sober because I am sitting up there telling my stuff and talking to Kevin—that has just been an amazing feeling."

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