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Video: Snoop Dogg Launches "Smokable Songbook"

The rapper has developed a songbook of his lyrics made out of rolling papers. Yes, really.


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By McCarton Ackerman


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What won't Snoop Dogg put his name on? He's previously endorsed products ranging from pet accessories to his own porno, but his latest entrepreneurial venture might be his most fitting yet. “Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook” features lyrics to Snoop's classic songs over the last three decades—all printed on rolling papers. Which conveniently come from his own line—Snoop Dogg King Size Slim Rolling Papers—with the rest of the book fashioned of hemp-related materials and a twine cover. The book also features a handy strike-board on the spine which can be used for lighting matches. Limited editions of the book will go on sale this month at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California. “Always remember: you can roll with an expert, you can roll with Snoop,” advises the rapper in a promotional video. Snoop is a well-known marijuana aficionado, having been busted for possession on his tour bus in Texas this past January—when he learned that his Californian MMJ prescription held no weight in the Lonestar State—not to mention five other marijuana arrests dating back to 1998.

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