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Sienna Miller Slams "Medicated" LA

The British actress claims that "everyone" in LA is taking addictive drugs like Vicodin.


Sienna Miller doesn't think drugs are fun
any more. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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Don't expect Sienna Miller to be settling down in Los Angeles anytime soon. The British actress, who lives in London and is currently pregnant with her first child, slammed the City of Angels in a recent interview with British Vogue as the "most medicated place" she's ever been to. "Everyone's on something [in LA]," she complains. "It's the most medicated place, there's a whole massive market for really addictive drugs. I've been prescribed Vicodin when I didn't really need it. It's dangerous. I mean, it's prescription heroin really." Hollywood stars including Eminem, Kelly Osbourne, Matthew Perry  and Nicole Richie have all struggled through addictions to the powerful painkiller. Although Miller, who starred in Layer Cake and Alfie, has lived in LA for long stretches while she's been filming, she says the lifestyle isn't for her and that she'll only return if it's necessary for work. But her comments are in sharp contrast to the views she expressed on drug culture in 2007, when she claimed that drugs were "loads of fun" and admitted to loving her experiences with magic mushrooms and morphine.

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