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Should Marijuana Be Legal?

Tomorrow, three states will vote on the most profound change in US drug laws since the repeal of the Volstead Act in 1933. The Fix offers two powerful opposing views on whether legalizing weed is the right thing to do.


In three separate landmark referendums, the people of Colorado, Oregon and Washington are voting on whether marijuana should be legal to possess and use in their respective states. It's not the first time marijuana has been on three ballots—all three states have already approved the use of weed for medical purposes—but this is the first time outright legalization has come so close to passage. Should it be legal? To help the voters decide, The Fix has asked two experts in the field to lay out arguments for and against overturning the longtime ban on marijuana. 

In "Weed Should Be Illegal," Kevin A. Sabet, a former senior adviser to President Obama's drug czar, argues against legalization. 

Phillip S. Smith, contributor to the Drug War Chronicle and a longtime drug-policy activist, writes in favor of weed in "The Case For Legalizing Pot."

You've been given the facts, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Now you decide.

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