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Sex Rehab Star Claims He's No Addict

Despite appearing on Dr. Drew's show as a sex addict, drummer Phil Varone says sleeping with 3,000 women just means he's lucky.


Did Phil Varone fake it for the
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By Abigail Stone


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For every celebrity who says that one of Dr. Drew's shows saved his life, there's another one knocking the Celeb Rehab experience. The latest is Phil Varone, former drummer for the bands Skid Row and Saigon Kick, who appeared in the one and only season of Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew alongside some other people you probably haven't heard of—like porn star Kendra Jade, Playmate Nicole Narain and producer/director Duncan Roy. While he appeared fully engaged in the process of recovery when the show aired in the fall of 2009, Varone was singing a different tune when he chatted with xojane's Managing Editor (and Fix contributor) Emily McCombs at the Adult Video News Awards this week.

"I don't identify as a sex addict," Varone said (after explaining the process of having the "coke bottle" part of his anatomy made into a sex toy). "My agent called and said, 'OK, we have a supermodel, we have a porn star, we have a Playboy Playmate, we need a rock star. Do you want to do it?' And I said, 'Well, to be on television, I guess I will.'" Varone added that he went to sex addict meetings but was "horrified" by the "issues" he heard people talking about there, and that two therapists have told him he's not a sex addict. He also shared some "colorful" details about his sexual predilections. "It's a testament to his sexual charisma that I listened to all this stuff about sticking drumsticks in women and only liking pregnant women when it's not his baby and felt totally charmed," confesses McCombs. "I don't know whether Phil Varone is a sex addict or not, but there was something seemingly compulsive about his schtick. Or maybe he's just got game."

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