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"Chatroulette for Pot Smokers"

SeshRoulette is like Chatroulette—for those who want to smoke weed with virtual, random friends.


No more lonely tokers. Photo via

By Chrisanne Grise


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Those who don't wish to smoke their marijuana in isolation now have a growing community at their fingertips, thanks to SeshRoulette.com. It works like the now-defunct Chatroulette—the website that allowed users to randomly connect with strangers via video chat—but is designed for the weed-smoking community. The site was founded almost two years ago, and—despite some temporary outages and limitations—is building momentum. “I'm trying to pass my joint through the screen but it's not working,” one user jokes on an online forum. While a prominent disclaimer declares the website is for use by medical marijuana patients only, the rule doesn't appear to be strictly enforced (happily the site does, however, take its “penis-free” guarantee seriously). 

SeshRoulette is set up to make it difficult to track anyone involved, should authorities decide to investigate. Still, many users say they avoid the site under fear of being caught with a joint. “You are literally handing the other person on seshroulette evidence of you committing a crime, even if you claim its tobacco, just by holding the paraphernalia in your hands,” one commenter argues. The founder, Dan “Chill”, says he spoke with a prominent criminal-defense lawyer and was told that it was “perfectly legal to smoke on camera if you're smoking the marijuana legally in the first place.” As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, the site's popularity could ignite—but theoretically, those toking without a prescription can still be charged. SeshRoulette’s fans are vocal about their appreciation. “Holy shit I love the internet,” one user posted. “Some day I’ll make something as useful as this.”

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