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Seahawks’ Brandon Browner Suspended Indefinitely

The Pro Bowl cornerback has been suspended for the second time in as many seasons for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.


Thinking about who to play for next...if he ever does.
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By Shawn Dwyer


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Once the backbone of the Seattle Seahawks’ crushing defense, cornerback Brandon Browner is now facing the possibility of never playing football again. Browner was suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs after serving out a four-game suspension last season for the same violation. The current suspension was immediate and without pay.

Of course, Browner responded to the suspension in typical pro athlete fashion; meaning, he disagreed with the results, proclaimed his innocence, and danced around whether or not he used performance-enhancing drugs while apologizing for his actions. "Although I disagree with the circumstances surrounding my suspension, I accept responsibility for all of my actions and I apologize for any (sic) that causes any unflattering reflections of my family and the Seahawks," he wrote on Twitter. “I believe in my innocence and will continue to fight with all legal resources available to me."

The Twitter statement came just hours after Browner’s appeal was denied. He can still make a direct process appeal to Commissioner Roger Goddell, but given the commish’s foot-dragging in the past, such a tack seems destined to fail. As it stands, Browner’s first shot at ever hoping to put on a uniform again will come on Dec. 18, 2014, when he’s eligible to apply for reinstatement.

Meanwhile, fellow Seahawk Walter Thurmond, who was also suspended this year for violating the NFL’s drug policy, is set to return on Monday.

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