Video: Samuel L. Jackson Channels Walter White

Video: Samuel L. Jackson Channels Walter White

By Bryan Le 06/06/13

To raise funds for an Alzheimer's charity, the movie star performs a famous meth cook's monologue from Breaking Bad.

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If Samuel L. Jackson had been in Breaking
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Actor Samuel L. Jackson has done his own take on Breaking Bad's “I am the one who knocks” monologue as part of an Internet fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association. The Pulp Fiction star asked for donations to the cause and promised to read any 300 words that Reddit users voted for. The winner was an original speech about Jackson abandoning Hollywood for life as a vigilante. He said he'd do a second reading if donations hit $100,000, which they did, and was next assigned the famous monologue (below) of tortured protagonist Walter White, from the popular AMC meth dramaBryan Cranston, the actor who actually played White in Breaking Badhas said his portrayal of addiction on the show was inspired by witnessing alcohol abuse in his family. And Jackson himself, more than two decades sober, personally knows what addiction is like. Whose depiction is better?

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