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Vodka Saves Drunk Russian From Death Leap

Rescuers use booze to lure a man threatening to jump off a five-story building.


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By Jennifer Blue


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A man in Irkutsk, Russia was prevented from jumping to his death when rescuers were able to lure him to safety with a bottle of vodka. According to the city’s rescue service, the 28-year-old unidentified man, who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, was threatening to kill himself by jumping off the roof of a five-story residential building. Rescuers were unable to convince him to climb down, until he agreed to barter with them. “It was hard to negotiate with him, but soon he demanded another bottle of vodka be brought to him or he would jump,” says the rescue service. After a neighbor brought over a bottle of vodka, the alcohol "lulled the young man's vigilance," says the rescue service. When the man paused to drink, rescuers were able to fling a loop of rope around him to prevent him from jumping, and were then able to bring him to safety. His motivation for wanting to jump off the roof has not been revealed.

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