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Miss Russia Must Shut Up in Rehab

Ex-Miss Russia Anna Malova must keep her mouth shut to get clean and avoid more jail.


"I'm very happy,,,God bless America! Photo

Former Miss Russia Anna Malova has been released from Rikers Island and readmitted to a drug treatment facility for a second time. But to stay there, she had to agree not to speak to her fellow patients for 30 days, due to how much she antagonized them on her last visit. The beauty queen, 39, was sentenced last year to an 18-24 month drug rehab program after she was slammed with a 44-felony count indictment for a long string of prescription-forging charges—crimes committed to feed her king-size appetite for opiate pain meds. But soon after being admitted to the treatment program last time round, Malova—who was herself a medical doctor before being crowned Miss Russia—was jailed for fighting with a fellow patient. In an unexpected act of mercy, a Manhattan judge yesterday awarded her another stab at rehab, in what he called her “last chance.” Outside the courtroom Malova yelled, “I’m very happy! . . . God bless America!” 


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