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Addicts and Families Run for Recovery

Fundraising events sponsored by the Runwell foundation offer addicts and their families a way to help themselves and others.


Exercise can help recovering addicts stay on
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By May Wilkerson


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On March 4th in Miami Beach, Florida, recovering addicts and their supporters will hit the ground running to help raise money for addiction treatment programs. The fundraising run is one of many events across the country sponsored by Runwell, a non-profit foundation that helps recovering addicts and their friends and family by encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. Runwell believes physical fitness can help addicts stay focused and meet their recovery goals, as well as providing their families with a way to get involved and show support. New Yorkers may wish to join Team Runwell for a half-marathon on March 18th. All proceeds raised by Runwell-sponsored events go towards scholarship programs and treatment facilities that embrace a family-involved approach to recovery.

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