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Rude, Nude Students Banned From Ferry

Ferry crew abandons 200 UK co-eds in France after they got wasted, and naked, on board.


An unpleasant present for France. Photo via

By Fionna Agomuoh


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University students from rival Manchester schools have been banned from a cross-channel ferry after drunkenly fighting and streaking in the ship's bar. The P&O Spirit of France crew refused to take the 200 University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University students back home, stranding them in France, after they raised a ruckus that forced crew members to evacuate other passengers from the area for their own safety. Many of the students were on their way to a ski trip and were visibly drunk even before boarding the ferry, according to crew members. After boarding, several co-eds began shouting, exposing themselves, fighting and dancing on tables naked. "Customers and staff on board the ship were appalled by the students' aggressive and lewd conduct, which should be stamped out by the authorities," said a P&O Ferries spokeswoman, recounting that the company was forced to shelter passengers in a reserved VIP lounge so that they would not be harmed. P&O has since contacted both schools to inform them that the students are banned from riding their ferries and will not be provided with a return trip—and to urge that the students be reprimanded. Students at the University of Manchester are especially notorious for their rowdy, drunken behavior, which has forced the university to intervene. The school is reportedly drafting a clause into its charter to deter unruly behavior off campus.

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