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Brits Demand Longer Drinking Hours to Toast Royal Wedding

The UK is all set to celebrate. All they need is an extra hour in the pubs.


Brits celebrate the wedding.
Photo via sodahead

By Kirwan Gray


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So, it’s the big Royal Wedding day, and British lovers of royalty, pomp and circumstance are all asking the same question. No, it’s not about what she was wearing, it’s whether the government will let the pubs stay open an extra hour for all that necessary Royal celebrating. The British Secretary of State could override the local licensing boards with a special order, but evidently, that hasn’t happened yet. On the eve of the wedding, reports from 44 different licensing boards were mixed—some pubs in England and Wales will be awarded the extra hour, and some won’t. Medical News Today quotes a report from Scotland that Glasgow’s Licensing Board may grant licensed premises the extra hour. The wedding coincides with a four-day Bank Holiday in the U.K., so alcohol is first and foremost in many minds. Meanwhile, BBC News reports that Britain’s East Midlands Ambulance Service issued a statement voicing fears that “excessive drunkenness or alcohol-fuelled injuries will divert crews from serious cases.” The ambulance company added: “While we are dealing with an alcohol-related incident, we can be delayed getting to someone suffering from a medical illness such as a heart attack or stroke. Sadly, heavy drinking can also lead to incidents of domestic violence and a rise in assaults, including those against ambulance staff who are trying to help."

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