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Robert Pattinson Picks Toothpicks Over Cigs

The Twilight star switches addictions—and his fans are quick to catch on.


He sure can pick 'em. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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Some people chew gum while they're quitting smoking, but Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson has taken to chewing on toothpicks while he kicks the habit. And Pattinson says that even though he's only just quit smoking, his fans have already picked up on his new "hobby"—and given him more toothpicks than he knows what to do with. "I've been chewing these fucking toothpicks all the time," he complains. "Someone noticed in Cannes and literally the next day in Lisbon, then in Paris and in Berlin there were about 20 people on the red carpet giving me huge amounts of toothpicks. Thousands of them." But for the 26-year-old Twilight actor's legions of swooning admirers, there could be other, scarier ways to catch his attention as he kick-starts his healthy new lifestyle. "There was this one girl waiting outside my apartment every day for about three weeks," he relates. "There was one day when I was just so chronically bored I said to her, 'Do you want to just go to dinner or something? No one else wants to hang out with me.' Her parents had a restaurant, she took me there and I complained about everything in my life for about two hours, then she gave me the bill to pay and was never back outside my apartment ever again." That took care of her bad habit.

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