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Rihanna Hospitalized for "Exhaustion"

The pop star's ER visit fuels speculation that her partying is spiraling out of control.


Does Rihanna need R&R? Or rehab?
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By Valerie Tejeda


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Most people don't go to the hospital for being really, really tired—and yet many celebrities end up in the ER for "exhaustion." Pop super-star Rihanna is the latest to suffer this all-too-familiar plague (past sufferers have included Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore and Amy Winehouse). The singer's erratic behavior, and most recent hospitalization for "exhaustion" have added to speculation that she may be struggling with a substance abuse problem. On Monday night, she was rushed to a hospital in New York after allegedly partying a little too hard at the Met Gala. After tweeting a photo of herself receiving IV fluids, she claimed she was being treated for dehydration and the flu, but sources close to the star are claiming that the only illness she is suffering from is addiction. “Rihanna loves to party but this past month she's gotten really out of control,” an insider told Star Magazine. “She's been drinking almost everyday and talking about smoking weed a lot too.” The singer has been fairly open and unapologetic about her wild side, and has been known to tweet photos of herself drinking, smoking pot, and visiting strip clubs. “Everyone is telling her to slow down and think about therapy, or even rehab,” said the anonymous source. This past weekend, Rihanna's behavior rankled Saturday Night Live producers when she failed to show up for dress rehearsal claiming she was sick, and then showed up for the taping in seemingly good health. This isn’t the first time Rihanna has need an IV due to exhaustion and dehydration; back in October of 2011, the singer tweeted another of picture of herself hooked up to an IV in Sweden. Famed celebrity addiction specialist Dr. Drew recently came down hard on the media and "spin doctors" for using the "exhaustion" and "dehydration" excuse to cover up the reality of addiction

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