Rapper Drake Admits Using Drugs

By McCarton Ackerman 04/02/12

Codeine, weed and wine have all been on Drizzy's menu, but he claims "I'm not into drugs."

Drizzy: "All within moderation" Photo via

At least Drake is probably more honest than many. The Canadian rapper admits to past drug use in a recent interview with The Guardian—but claims it was all in moderation. ”Have I sipped codeine before? Yeah, of course," says Drizzy, as he's also known. "Have I smoked weed? Yes. Do I drink wine? Yes. But do I do it excessively? No. I’m not a reckless guy. I do it all within moderation. I’m not into drugs." He adds that he can understand why some top recording artists take drugs in response to the pressures they face. "You get artists in this position who go crazy and don’t know how to handle it," he says. "There are people who have killed themselves. There’s the overwhelming stress, how tired you are, the weight on your shoulders of going out here and giving 18,000 people entertainment… It’s a lot of pressure.” His two albums, 2010's Thank Me Later and last year's Take Care have sold a total of three million copies in the US. His most recent single—also called "Take Care" and featuring Rihanna—reached No. 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100.