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Desmond Bryant's Drunk Mugshot Goes Viral

Jimmy Kimmel coins the term "dezzing" to describe the Oakland Raider's now-iconic pose.


The original dezzer. Photo via

By Ben Feuerherd


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The internet has gotten their hands on Desmond Bryant's boozy mugshot, and they won't let go. The Oakland Raiders defensive tackle was arrested Sunday for showing up at a neighbor's house drunk and "causing a commotion." He was then taken to a Miami-Dade jail where he posed for a now-infamous mugshot. After a reporter Tweeted the "derpy" pic on Monday, it has made its way through cyberspace, even inspiring a Photoshop contest on Deadspin. And on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel revived the meme by coining the term "dezzing" (video below). Kimmel encouraged his audience to take pictures of themselves mimicking the now-iconic facial expression, and to post them on Twitter with the hashtag #dezzing.

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