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Police Find Bieber's House Full of Drugs



By Bryan Le


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Police came to the Bieber estate looking to pin the teen heartthrob for egg throwing, but instead found a veritable treasure trove of drugs.

According to TMZ's sources, the LA County Sheriff's Office unexpectedly discovered two large cookie jars of weed left in plain view. A further search revealed four or five empty codeine bottles with decorated cups used to mix the codeine and sip sizzurp—a cough syrup-soda cocktail and Bieber's drug of choice. Cops also saw three bongs and Swisher Sweets supposedly used to wrap Bieber's marijuana in. Allegedly there were even more drugs but Bieber's buddies were flushing things down the toilet once the police showed up. But Bieber's still-unflushed stockpile of contraband remains decidedly unseized, apparently because it was outside the scope of their warrant—so sources say. No word on whether the police ever found the security camera footage they came to the house looking for. (Mildly related—Colorado is his bathroom.)

Update: A Los Angeles Sheriff's Department spokesperson has officially denied there were any drugs found in Bieber's mansion, and the investigation into his $20,000 worth of egg-throwing damage is ongoing.

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