Pig's Blood Cocktail Challenges and Mortifies

Pig's Blood Cocktail Challenges and Mortifies

By Bryan Le 03/26/14

Answering a challenge to make a cocktail out of pig's blood, bartender Nandini Khaund created the macabre "Reign in Blood."

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Bartender Nandini Khaund has created the "Reign in Blood," a cocktail with a macabre main ingredient: pig's blood. She created the crimson cocktail in response to a "Cocktail Challenge," a series in which bartenders challenge one another to create cocktails with unusual ingredients. She described her challenge ingredient as "gross."

"At first it just tasted like blood," Khaund said in her Cocktail Challenge video. "Then the finish started kicking in, which was kind of like smoked pork and got richer and richer Then it got game-y, by the end it just tasted like this iron death. It was really intense, and it went for like a half hour."

Pig's blood not being a regular ingredient in a bartender's stock, Khaund had to source it from a friend who makes charcuterie. Other strange ingredients featured on the Cocktail Challenge have been catnip, Cheez Whiz, and Madras curry powder.

While not suited to everyone's taste, at least one person out there would enjoy this cocktail - a 29-year-old tattoo artist named Michelle who was featured on My Strange Addiction because of her penchant for drinking blood.

"I like to drink blood when I'm reading, when I'm relaxing, when I'm watching TV, when I'm painting," she told the Today show. "There's never a bad time for me to drink blood."

Check out the pig's blood Cocktail Challenge below: