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Philippines Gunman Kills Eight in Drugged Spree

The killer, who shot a number of young kids, was reportedly on an alcohol and meth binge for days.


Aniolina Caimol's seven-year-old
granddaughter was killed. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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Eight people, including a pregnant woman and two children, have been killed in the Philippines during a shooting rampage by a man under the influence of alcohol and meth. The Associated Press reports that eight other people were also wounded in the shooting spree by Ronald Bae, which took place in Kawit Township, about 10 miles outside the capital, Manila. Bae was eventually shot dead by police. The provincial governor, Jonvic Remulla, says that Bae and several friends went on a five-day "drug and alcohol binge" involving methamphetamine. Bae left a store where he and his friends were drinking, but later returned to with the caretaker of his house in Kawit, and began the shootings around the neighborhood. He reportedly threatened to kill the caretaker if he did not reload his pistol during the spree. Several of those shot were people Bae knew—including his four-year-old godson and a neighbor. The four-year-old and a two-year-old girl remain in critical condition; another seven-year-old girl was killed. "He just shot at anyone he saw," says Remulla. "You could see that these were really acts of a madman." Bae was returning to his neighborhood for the first time since losing an election for village chairman nearly a year ago. He had returned last Monday because of a "marital problem" with his wife, who was not harmed in the rampage. A spokeswoman for the country's president, Benigno Aquino III, says the killings "will certainly fuel the efforts of the [Philippine National Police] in its drive against loose firearms."  

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