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Pete Doherty to Sell Amy Winehouse's Cigarette Butts

The British rocker auctions off "fag butts" discarded by his exes Winehouse and Kate Moss.


An artifact of our times. Photo via

By Bryan Le


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What would you pay for a cigarette that once touched the lips of a music legend? British rocker Pete Doherty is hoping auctioneers will pay a pretty penny for the discarded cigarette butts once smoked by the late Amy Winehouse. In an interview with NME, the Babyshambles frontman reveals he will be auctioning off some of his collection of "rock 'n' roll memorabilia," which apparently includes "fag butts" that he saved from his former lover Winehouse and his model ex-girlfriend Kate Moss—as well as Scottish rocker Bobby Gillespie. But that's not all he's held on to. "I've got Christmas paper that (former Coventry City goalkeeper) Steve Ogrizovic sent to the guy from Black Sabbath,” he said. “All kinds of shit basically.” This is not the first time people have spun celebrity trash into gold: Britney Spears' chewed gum sold for $14,000 and someone once paid $40,000 for a lock of Justin Bieber's hair. And that's chump change compared to an unfinished piece of Vegemite toast bitten by One Direction's Niall Horan, which sold for more than $100,000.

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