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Penn Jillette Wants Drugs Legal

In an interview, the opinionated illusionist urged lawmakers to make all drugs legal even though he's never done drugs himself.


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By McCarton Ackerman


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Illusionist, noted libertarian, and Celebrity Apprentice finalist Penn Jillette is urging federal lawmakers to legalize all drugs, declaring that making drugs legal will “save lives.”

The famous Vegas showman, who has never touched alcohol or drugs himself, has said he wants all substances to be regulated by the federal government in order to help remove violent criminal activity associated with the war on drugs. “It's safer for children to have them legal, in a way. When you have drugs illegal you give people that live outside the law a great deal of power. McDonald's and Burger King don't have gang wars,” he said in an interview with Seven. "If you make it legal, there will be a lot of downsides. But maybe those downsides will be less against innocent people."

Jillette also acknowledged that his children “almost certainly will” use drugs at some point in their lives. “I've never done drugs. But I'm aware everybody else does, and everybody else does a fine job with it,” he said. "So I can't imagine my children will be any different."

Certainly no stranger to voicing his opinions on just about any topic, Jillette has remained in staunch opposition to the War on Drugs, declaring in May 2012 that he “just doesn’t like paying money to keep potheads in prison.” He also slammed Barack Obama's drug policies by stating that “he would not be our president if he had been arrested for his marijuana and maybe a little blow when he was younger.”

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