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LA PCP Bust Is Largest on Record

A small gang shipped huge quantities of the liquid hallucinogen around the US.


Gallons of PCP from the record-breaking
seizure. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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A man and woman were arrested in Culver City last Wednesday in the biggest PCP bust on record, with 139 gallons of the hallucinogen—valued at nearly $100 million on the street—seized by the LA County narcotics task force, LA IMPACT. Darryl Dwayne Burton, 55, and Lagina Bell Huckaby, 31, were arrested at a UPS store where they were allegedly to trying to ship drugs. Two semiautomatic rifles were also confiscated, along with chemicals for making about 500 more gallons of the drug. Enough PCP was seized to dose 10 million people at a cost of $15 each. "It's the largest PCP seizure I've ever heard of," says Lt. Scott Fairfield of LA Impact. Burton is believed to have been part of the Bounty Hunter Bloods street gang, an active PCP manufacturer. The drug ring included 10 other people locally and was distributing to places including Texas, New York and Washington, DC. Investigators intercepted suspicious deliveries addressed to locations in Texas and tests confirmed that the boxes contained PCP. PCP is a hallucinogenic drug that comes in either powder or liquid form, and is typically sprayed onto leafy material such as cannabis, mint or oregano and smoked.

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