Lindsay Lohan's Father Comes Clean

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By Alison Prato 10/19/11
With Lindsay Lohan set to return to jail today, public scorn is once again being heaped on her parents. In a remarkably candid recent interview, the star's father rose to his own defense—spilling the beans on his relationship with Lindsay and how his bitter battle with ex-wife Dina led to his daughter's addiction.

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What’s your relationship with Lindsay like now?

Fantastic, but the problem is…I love Dina, I really do—she’s twisted, but I love her. No seriously, no I mean it, I was sitting on Lindsay’s bed a month ago talking to her and having bagels, and Dina calls her and she’s on the phone and she’s saying, “If you see your father… “

How would you describe yourself as a father?

I would go to any length to protect my family. Especially my ex-wife and kids. Would I die for Dina? Not anymore, but would I have died for her? Yes. Would I die for my kids? In a second. 

So you and Lindsay are on speaking terms?

Yeah. I see people drinking and I get repulsed by it. To look at them, and that sloppiness, I can only imagine how I was. 

If you called her now, would she pick up?

Yeah, As long as she’s not around Ali, she’ll pick up the phone. (He calls Lindsay but gets a busy signal.)

Bummer. So what are you like in a romantic relationship?

I love sex. Seriously. I don’t know what happened when I turned 46, but forget it. Someone flipped a switch. You have no idea.

Have you done Viagra?

No, I take heart medication. I’d be dead. I love going to cornfields, walking on the beach…

Sex in a cornfield?

I’ve done that. Elevators, cornfields, planes. You can’t do it on commercial planes anymore because the bathrooms are too small. But private planes…

Do you find yourself being drawn to dramatic women?

Are you kidding? (Laughs) But seriously, I like normal things—horseback riding, boating. I just bought a yacht. I love family stuff. 

Do you like being in the spotlight? 

Only when it serves a purpose. I think God puts us in a position when he wants to use us in a positive way. I worked on Wall Street, I still trade a hedge fund for my family. We have an eight billion dollar market cap. And people don’t know that side of me.  People don’t know we have a private jet and I have a helicopter in California.

There’s no question that you’re smart.

Isn’t it a shame that people who are addicts are truly geniuses? 

Do you have urges anymore—to drink or use?

No, I see people drinking and I get repulsed by it. To look at them, and that sloppiness, I can only imagine how I was. 

Lindsay is so talented. I really think she could have a big comeback. 

From your lips to God’s ears.  

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