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Papa John's Deliveryman Delivered Pizza, Cocaine

A Brooklyn man is charged with using his pizza route to distribute over $45,000 in cocaine.


Papa John's is a family fave. Photo via

By Victoria Kim


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A Brooklyn Papa John's pizza deliveryman was arrested Wednesday and accused of selling more than $45,000 in cocaine hidden in pizza boxes on his delivery route. Ramon Rodriguez was arrested following his last sale, also the largest, of a kilo of cocaine worth $27,500 to an NYPD undercover agent. Rodriguez sold cocaine to undercover police on 21 occasions since 2011, according to the NYPD and the city's special narcotics prosecutor's office. On his last delivery, Rodriguez, dressed in his Papa John's uniform, passed the kilo of cocaine to the undercover agent in a bag along with a box of pizza and a chicken nuggets box. He has been charged with multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, and is expected to be arraigned today in Manhattan Criminal Court. Rodriguez's arrest came unexpected to his coworkers. "He was the best driver I got," says the manager of the Sunset Park Papa John's, Mohammad Ali. "He was clean, never high." This is not the first time Papa John's has gotten involved in a drug controversy. In 2011, a Colorado deliveryman for the company called the police on one customer for smoking marijuana, knowing a child lived in the house. The police arrived to find the customer was a medical marijuana patient and left without filing charges.

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