Do You Know Where Your Heroin Has Been?

Do You Know Where Your Heroin Has Been?

By Dirk Hanson 05/26/11

A local anti-drug campaign would like you to think about what transshipment really means.

Something to think about.
Photo via wsfa

A roadside billboard that tells it like it is has amused, titillated, and angered local residents along State Route 68 in Hardin County, Ohio. The board reads, "Summer 2009, Police arrested a Kenton man with over 90 balloons of heroin up his butt. Where has your heroin been?"

The anti-drug billboards were put up by Hardin County Job and Family Services.  Director Robert Norman tells ABC6/Fox 28, "It's not my intention to offend anybody, but I think we have to be blunt if we're going to get involved in the war on drugs and just saying no hasn't worked." The billboard refers to 26-year old Justin Humphreys, who happens to back in jail again on heroin charges. So far, three of the billboards have been erected, although Norman admits the reception thus far has been “mixed.”