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NFL Player Offers "Rail of Coke" to Santa

New England Patriots' Brandon Spikes tweets about leaving cocaine and Jack Daniels instead of milk and cookies.


Did the linebacker cut Clause a line?
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By Mike Guy


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If Santa Claus is coming to Brandon Spikes' town, he'd better get ready to do some downhill skiing, nose-first. After apparently indulging in some holiday libation, the New England Patriot's inside linebacker was baking Christmas cookies when he was overwhelmed by the giving spirit of the holidays. So he sent a tweet to his 303,500 followers claiming he figured out how best to help Santa get through the night without slowing down:

This is not Spikes' first Twitter dustup. In October, he revealed a similarity in how he feels toward gays and spiders. “I‘m homophobic just like I’m arachnophonbic. I have nothing against homosexuals or spiders, but I’d still scream if I found one in my bathtub,” he Tweeted. It's also not the first time he's been publicly linked to drug use. In 2010, Spikes was suspended for four games after a drug test revealed an illegal substance in his blood. Spikes contended the substance was medicine to treat his ADHD, and that he's the first of many players caught up in the NFL's growing Adderall controversy.

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