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New Yorkers Can Now Booze at the Gym

Several gyms now offer boozy beverages for those who want to imbibe straight after a workout.


Clients sipping wine after a yoga session at
Uplift. Photo via

By Bryan Le


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Too tired to walk down the block to the nearest bar after your workout? You may no longer have to make the trek, thanks to several New York gyms now offering clientele the option of topping off their workout with something higher proof than the traditional sports drink. Thirsty gym rats can now join in a low-calorie vodka tasting at David Barton Gyms, or sip wine at the women-centric Uplift Studio in the Flatiron District; yoga buffs who also like to party can win a drink ticket to the Stonewall Bar after a session at Yoga for the Average Joe. And more gyms are hopping on the boozy band wagon. Green Fitness Studio in Bushwick, which has hosted raging parties on their rooftop patio, applied for a liquor license last month. Alcohol isn't generally recommended as part of an athlete's post-workout diet; booze can stunt hydration, damage muscle growth by inhibiting the release of human growth hormone (HGH), prolong feelings of soreness, and supply the body empty calories to offset potential fat-burning. However, experts are divided on the subject: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, say that moderate drinking can boost heart health (and liver health, too) while others have claimed that any physical health benefits are outweighed by the risks.

But owners of these gyms say they aren't offering up beer, wine and liquor because of health benefits—but rather to boost morale and (literally) keep the spirits high. Leanne Shear, one owner of the female-centric Uplift gym, tells The Fix that her program is based off of studies that showed that "being physically active and socially engaged" made for "strong, healthy and happy women." She advocates consuming in moderation, and says in addition to alcohol, her gyms offer "tons of water, healthy snacks, and non-alcoholic beverage options."

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