Reporter Nabbed For DUI After Partying With Sandusky Lawyer | The Fix
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Reporter Nabbed For DUI After Partying With Sandusky Lawyer

Jay Gray, NBC correspondent, was arrested for a DUI after departing drunken fete.


Tanked: NBC's Jay Gray.
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By Luke Walker


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Jay Gray, NBC news correspondent, was arrested last week after reportedly getting soused with Joe Amendola, the lead attorney for Penn State coach and alleged child molestor  Jerry Sandusky. A report by TMZ claims that Gray was one of several journalists invited by the press-hungry lawyer to watch a New York Giants football game his home, during which time, sources contend that Gray became thoroughly inebriated. Sometime after midnight a "smashed" T.V. reporter wobbled out of the party and was soon pulled over by PA State Troopers, who arrested him for driving under the influence. Both Amendola and Gray declined comment.

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