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Navy SEAL Pleads Guilty To Attempted Drug Smuggling

Angel Martinez-Ramos will be sentenced later this month for smuggling cocaine, while his accomplice wife is already serving 70 months in prison.


A Navy SEAL on patrol. Shutterstock

By McCarton Ackerman


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A Navy SEAL is facing the next several years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Angel Martinez-Ramos and his wife, Bibiana Marcela Lopez-Correa, were busted in Miami with 10 kilograms of cocaine. After being detained by customs agents, Lopez-Correa admitted that a black carry-on suitcase left on the plane belonged to her husband. The bag was filled with 10 “brick-shaped” objects wrapped in yellow tape, and hidden under a sweater and boots.

Martinez-Ramos was originally charged with three offenses: conspiracy to import a controlled substance, importing a controlled substance, and intent to distribute a controlled substance. His plea agreement in March, however, called for him admitting to the first count in exchange for the other two being dropped. He will be sentenced later this month and is expected to receive a similar sentence to that of his wife, who is currently serving 70 months behind bars.

Martinez-Ramos joined the navy in 1999 and became a SEAL in 2004. He deployed in Central and South America before leaving active duty in 2010, but still continued to serve in the reserve.

The news was another black eye for the Navy SEALS in recent days. Last week, it was confirmed that the deaths of two former SEALs last February were a result of heroin and alcohol. Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44, were found in the ship cabin on the Maersk Alabama. The maritime security officers went ashore on leave, where surveillance video captured them closing down a bar with a pair of prostitutes who later took them to buy heroin.

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