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My 12 Step Store

Here's where to find all the books, gifts and accessories your recovery could possibly require—and you can order online.


For all your 12-step needs

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If you‘re sober, or have friends in recovery, chances are that you have already heard of My 12 Step Store: the worlds’ hippest recovery book and gift store. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, we specialize in recovery gifts for all 12-step programs. Whether it’s addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, love, food or co-dependency, we can ship gifts all over the world for you.

Here is where you'll find meeting chips, medallions and jewelry for anyone in recovery, prayer bookmarks as well as "One F*cking Day at a Time" T-shirts and "You’re a F*cking Miracle" greeting cards—and of course the ever-famous "Lindsay Lohan" sober women's underwear!

Legendary rock star Steven Tyler stopped in on his way to perform at the Hollywood Bowl one time and designed a T-shirt that's become a signature postcard of the store: “One Day At A Time.” Other celebrities and shoppers who can be seen visiting the store range from Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani, Jamie Lee Curtis and David Arquette to Steve-O from Jackass.

Whether you are famous or infamous, we offer ways to make recovery real and exciting. Anyone’s dreams can be become broken. As our 24-hour lit sign says: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

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