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MTV Star Creates Burritos for Stoners

Skateboarder and reality star Rob Dyrdek promises his food will taste so much better if you're high.


Looking to profit from hungry potheads.
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By McCarton Ackerman


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Frozen burritos are often a staple food item for potheads suffering from cases of the munchies; now pro-skateboarder and MTV reality star Rob Dyrdek has gone the extra mile and created a line of frozen burritos specifically for stoners. Dyrdek, 37, recently launched Loud Mouth Burritos, saying the content of their food can't be truly appreciated unless you're high—which says plenty about the quality, although stoners are unlikely to be difficult to convince. The munchie items are currently being sold at select convenience stores and come in two flavors: Cheeseburger—stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup and mustard; and Pepperoni Pizza—with mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce. And in the best pot-friendly marketing ploy of the year, every burrito is only 420 calories. Something to keep in mind when you're scarfing down your fifth one of the evening.

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