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Miley Cyrus Caught With Instagram of Pot

The pop star (sort of) implies that the photo is fake, and asks "why is everybody trippin?"


The real question: what filter was used?
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By Valerie Tejeda


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It seems young pop stars are taking a lot of hits lately. A month after Justin Bieber's "smoldering blunt" scandal, pop singer Miley Cyrus is under fire, again, after a photo resembling the star smoking weed surfaced on the web. An Instagram account with the name “mileyxxcyrus,” posted a photo of a young woman smoking pot with the caption, “High as f**k#.” The account is full of pictures of Cyrus and reads at the top, “Miley Ray Cyrus im a dime. best top of the line. cute face slim waste with a BIG behind.” After hearing about the photos, the former Disney star (sort of) implied that the photos are fake. “Why is everybody trippin. My timeline is blowing up. Everything's all good in my life just in a creative space right now,” the singer tweeted. She added: “I don't have an Instagram.” But despite the singer's claims, many believe the pic was legit, pointing out that Cyrus' “marriage equality” tattoo is visible in the photo. This isn’t the singer's first weed-related media scandal. Back in 2010, a video of Cyrus smoking a bong at a party went viral. Sources defended her on the grounds that she was smoking salvia, which is legal in California, but the singer admitted that she messed up. “For me it was a bad decision," she said, "because of my fans and because of what I stand for."

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