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Mike Tyson is Drug, Meat and Dairy-Free

The sober former boxing champ says a vegan diet helped cleanse his body of drugs.


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By Ben Feuerherd


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Since getting sober, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has kicked his recovery up a notch by going strictly vegan, he explains in a segment of Oprah: Where Are They Now?  Tyson got clean in 2009, but after suffering health issues related to his past substance abuse, he adopted an exercise regime, gave up meat and dairy, and lost a subsequent 100 pounds. “Becoming a vegan gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life," he says, "I was so congested from all the drugs and bad cocaine, I could hardly breathe, [I had] high blood pressure, [was] almost dying [and had] arthritis. And once I became a vegan all that stuff diminished.” Tyson, 46, got started on his unhealthy habits early on: "My mother would feed me liquor and drugs to get me to sleep," he said last year. This let to his eventual spiral into drug and alcohol addiction. At his worst, "I would drink $3,000 bottles of Louis XVIII brandy all day long and take an eight-ball of cocaine a night," he said. But eventually, Tyson grew "tired" of his life of excess. “Too many prison cells, too many jails, too many lawsuits, too many bankruptcies, too many women, too many venereal diseases, too many everything. I got tired," he told The Today Show in 2012, "I’m going to live a different life.”

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