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Mexico Patents New Heroin 'Vaccine'

An unnamed drug tested on rats has the potential to wean humans off heroin, claims the Mexican government.


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By McCarton Ackerman


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Mexico's government has announced that it's patented a "vaccine" against heroin addiction—apparently, it could be ready for human consumption in five years. Health Minister Salmon Chetorivski says that lab experiments using the drug have been successfully carried out on rats—but the drugs must undergo a "normal development process" before being tested on humans. “We can be very proud of our scientists at the National Institute of Psychiatry because they’ve achieved something that hasn’t been achieved in other areas of the world,” Chetorivski announced during a visit to drug-torn border city Ciudad Juarez. Chertorivski also reports that Mexico's National Institute of Psychiatry is also currently working on programs against addictions to cocaine and methamphetamines. Small-scale heroin and cocaine possession is currently legal in Mexico.


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