Mexican Troops Confiscate Giant, Drug-Slinging Catapults. Again. | The Fix
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Mexican Troops Confiscate Giant, Drug-Slinging Catapults. Again.

Some extraordinary artillery used by smugglers to hurl tons of marijuana into Arizona has been seized south of the border.


This catapult fired 2kg of pot per shot. Photo via

By Jed Bickman


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They may not quite measure up to the drug submarines or cross-border tunnels previously produced by Mexico's inventive cartels, but the Mexican army is still pleased to have seized two huge catapults just south of the US border that were being used to hurl pot into Arizona. The devices apparently had some impressive capacity: 1.4 metric tons of marijuana were picked up in the same raid. Authorities had an idea of what to expect this time; back in January two other catapults were confiscated in the same area—the border city of Agua Prieta—in the first reported instance of this method being used. The US National Guard's remote surveillance observed people preparing catapults and using them to launch some pungent missiles across the border last week. The Mexican army says the three-meter tall devices were capable of flinging two kilograms of pot at a time.

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