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Woman Dials 911 on Her Own Meth Deal

A dealer sells salt instead of meth and calls police when her customers demand a refund.


Real meth (top) vs. salt Photo via

By Sarah Beller


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After trying to pawn off a bag of salt as hundreds of dollars of meth, a 31-year old woman called 911 last week when her angry customers showed up at her door demanding refunds. According to the Centralia, Washington police department, the woman called police around 5 am to ask for help dealing with “unsatisfied customers." According to Officer Corey Butcher, who responded to the call, bright white salt crystals don't actually resemble chunky shards of meth. "People who use it know exactly what it's like, and frankly, I'm amazed she would even try that," he said. When police responded to the call, they found three teenage boys smoking marijuana in the woman's house. She was charged with providing marijuana to minors, possession of methamphetamine and delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance. The couple who allegedly tried to enter the home to seek retribution for the fake meth was not arrested, but police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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